Starting a brand new mixed media, portrait series exploring women exposed, open to violation yet poised to devour. I love reworking the sensual into the cold and sexualised figures discovered in Tumblr porn searches. Breathing a new life into these bodies.


So pumped to be a part of the next epic exhibition hosted by The Ladies Network. The night will be made up of a bunch of amazingly talented females showing off their creative wiles. I’ll have a nice little stash of framed originals for anyone who is keen to come check me out. The opening night is Friday 13th November, from 6pm at Ambush Gallery in Central Park. Girl Power.


Today for my #facemyfeels challenge I did a quick sketch of James Dean. What a dreamboat. Am enjoying the portrait style and keen to try some larger scale portraits out in the same vibe. If you’re interested in purchasing this picture, it’s A4 size. Make me an offer.


This month I’ve given myself the challenge of a new portrait every day. I’m calling it #facemyfeels, as I attempt to explore and represent different faces that inspire, encourage, and astound me. My project is already underway on Instagram and you can follow me @ashking, or search my hashtag #facemyfeels to see the portraits so far. Here’s one of my faves of my spunky man, in pen.


Not unlike most women, I have a wonderful relationship with my bed. It’s such a wonderful, safe place for me, where I learn, read, exorcise my demons, laugh, sleep, cry and get up to mischief. I wanted to capture some of the fun times me and my bed have and did a small charcoal series chronicling what I get up to “in bed”.

All works are charcoal on thick, textured A3 paper.