I’ve experienced a lot of Yoko bashing in my time, with people harping on about her being the death of The Beatles, the fall of John Lennon, and other nasty things. I think she’s divine. Her mind moves in such a captivating and inspiring way, and after seeing her exhibition last year at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and most recently, her show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, I felt compelled to pledge my allegiance.


Don’t cheap out and go to the Museum of Modern Art on the Free Friday’s. I did it last time and it was like hell – hoards of fat and clueless tourists dawdling aimlessly through galleries, talking loudly on mobiles, congregating en masse to take photos in front of an artwork they remember seeing once in a high school art book so that they can share it on Facebook and pretend to not look entirely self obsessed, because guys, it’s like, totally “culture”.


My last visit to the MOMA was like, totally more dignified.


The gallery is home to some pieces by a few of my all time favourite artists, including Egon Schiele, Mark Rothko and Alice Neel. I love the journey through the gallery, following the birth and evolution of modern art and it’s bliss still being surprised at how you can always find something new, passionate and electric in a piece of art that you might have seen a thousand times before (albiet on a computer screen or uni textbook).


We were lucky enough to catch the Yoko Ono exhibit this time around and that woman and her whimsical and intriguing ocean child of a mind never ceases to amaze me.


Listen to heart beat. Just do it.


We had an awesome night at District 01 in Surry Hills for the one-night only exhibition of DOING LINES: An Exhibition of Lyrical Proportions. Big thanks to our sponsors, Sailor Jerry’s, Dcider & Mojo Record Bar, to all the muso’s who came down and made beautiful music for us, and of course all the people who joined the party. Was truly one to remember! Check out some pictures from the night below.